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Full Colour Printing. All GFX Products are Full Colour & Full Bleed (edge-to-edge printing)

Standard production takes 2-4 business days if you order by 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time on any day of the week from Monday-to-Friday. Allow additional time for delivery.

With bleed, your file needs to be 25 x 61, leaving inside important text and graphics a minimum of 1/4" away from the 24x60 trim size.

  • Colour Profile: U.S. Sheetfed Coated v2.
  • Colour Space: CMYK.
  • Resolution: Minimum 300 DPI (Max. 350 DPI).  No web graphics which are typically 72dpi or 96dpi.
  • Full Bleed: 1/2" on any side that bleeds.
  • Rich Blacks (Solid Backgrounds Only): We recommend C30% M20% Y20% and K100%. Not recommended for text.
  • IMPORTANT: Files from programs such as Illustrator (eps), inDesign (eps), CorelDraw (ai), Freehand (eps), Photoshop (tif), etc. are acceptable in high resolution format, i.e. minimum 300 dpi and CMYK with fonts converted to curves or outlines. PDFs are acceptable if following the same guidelines (convert fonts, not just embed them) and DO NOT INCLUDE crop and registration marks, colour bars and anything that is only meant for your own proofing purposes.
IMPORTANT: Since you are limited to uploading 50 MB files, and if your files exceed this limit, please provide the Public Dropbox links in the Comments section of your order. You can upload a dummy file (low res JPEG).

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jpg, jpeg, eps*, ai*, pdf*, tif*, tiff*, psd*, sit*, zip*, bmp*.
Asterisk* denotes files to be uploaded through Fast Checkout only.
*Include the bleed & DO NOT INCLUDE crop and registration marks*
Refer to File Guidelines for further assistance.

** RE: FILE PREVIEW on next page: CMYK won't render colours correctly on a monitor, but should PRINT CORRECTLY. **
If your file exceeds 50 MB, please upload a low res dummy file (not a blank file) and provide a Public Dropbox link to the high resolution files in the Comments section of the Order Form.

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