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Guidelines for Envelopes

Full Colour Printing. All GFX Products are Full Colour & Full Bleed (edge-to-edge printing)

Standard production takes 2-4 business days if you order by 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time on any day of the week from Monday-to-Friday. Allow additional time for delivery.

Important Considerations:

  • Finished artwork should use the full bleed dimensions for best results.
  • Please make sure to keep all text within the safe margin.
  • Resolution: minimum 300 dpi (maximum 350 dpi)
  • Click here to see window location (for window envelopes)

** IMPORTANT ** Prices are based on medium ink coverage (up to 50% density -- not coverage) if printing occurs in the entire coveraged area. The exception is if you only require a return address, that is not considered full coverage.

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*Include the bleed & DO NOT INCLUDE crop and registration marks*. Refer to File Guidelines for further assistance.

****URGENT: SEE IMAGE INFORMATION IN CART AFTER UPLOADING. Please send email after you place your order. FILES ARE NOT UPLOADING but does not affect orders, only files.****

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